Got Need Swap and Card Sender


Gone is the time when football stickers were swapped on playgrounds – “got, got, need!” is a safe and easy to use website to swap stickers and cards online. 

As a member you can easily start and maintain a collection. GotNeedSwap then matches you with other users who have the stickers you need. This gives you a safe way of contacting them to arrange a swap. You can also sell your unwanted swaps instead of keeping them under the bed.

We also realised during lockdown that cards sent via websites are very impersonal with the writing inside either typed or hand-written by the seller. allows you to use your own handwriting to sign and send a much more personal card online!

Register with GotNeedSwap free for your first year. Use code GNSYR1 when you sign up –

Choose your card or upload your own photo, add a message and then sign by hand. If you’re using a computer you can connect your phone or tablet to the website and write on your phone screen. Then watch the writing appear on the computer in front of you! You can also write your message on paper and photograph it. We then print your card and post for you. 

Saving signatures and remembering important dates, postcards you can write and send, thank-you cards to send a personalised thanks, party invites and other ideas are all coming soon.

CardSender – When prompted enter the promotion code CS10PCT to get a 10% discount on your entire card purchase (including any delivery charge and any extras such as sequins and confetti) –

If you are interested in or take a look.