Terms and Conditions

1) Prices:

(a) Unless expressly stated to the contrary all costs and fees are exclusively of any applicable value added or any other sales tax and any applicable delivery charges, for which the Customer shall be additionally liable.
(b) Any travel or incidental expenses incurred in undertaking projects or retained work, unless otherwise agreed by in writing, will be charged to the customer.
(c) may (at its discretion) increase any part of the costs or fees payable: –

(i) in respect of design work where the Customer’s requirements are not clear, necessitating the production of additional proofs

(ii) where any change in the Customer’s requirements necessitates additional work and/ or materials costs to Bay Tree Creative Limited;

(iii) where incurs additional costs as a result of any delay caused by any instructions of the Customer, failure of the Customer to give Bay Tree Creative Limitedadequate information or instruction or failure of the Customer to supply clear or legible copy.

(d) Unless otherwise agreed by , payment of 50% is requested on confirmation of order. Payment of Bay Tree Creative Limited invoices shall be made with 14 days of date of invoice.

(e) If the Customer fails to make payment on the due date, shall be entitled to charge the Customer under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act 1998 interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate. This sub-clause shall continue to apply notwithstanding that Bay Tree Creative Limited obtains judgment against the customer.

(f) Retains ownership of Intellectual Property of commissioned work until all relevant outstanding monies are settled in full.

2) Delivery and Acceptance

(a) Delivery of Commissioned Work shall be made in the manner appropriate to the nature of the Commissioned Work (as determined by Bay Tree Creative Limited) or as specifically agreed between and the Customer

(b) The Customer shall accept the Commissioned Work by written notification which may be given by electronic transmission including (without limitation) email or facsimile transmission provided that commissioned work shall be deemed accepted if the customer has not notified in writing of bona fide reasons for withholding acceptance.

3) Shall endeavour to fulfill all orders which may from time to time be placed with it by the Customer and shall endeavour to comply with delivery dates quoted but the time for delivery shall not be of the essence. shall not be liable for any directly or indirectly attribute to any delay beyond the stated delivery date.

4) Risk. The risk in Commissioned Work shall pass to the Customer on delivery and the Customer should therefore be insured accordingly.

5) Renewals. Domain names, web hosting and other annual charges will be automatically renewed yearly unless are notified in writing or via email at least 30 days prior to the invoiced renewal date.